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Technology & Risk Services

Technology & Risk Services (TRS) team helps organizations manage risks and values delivery from technology-related business processes and investments. PKF Hadiwinata assists management from all lines and industries in strengthening organizational performance through optimization of governance, organization, business practices and controls.

Our experienced consultants are equipped with methodologies and tools to assist you in the following domains:

IT Audit, Health check, and Compliance

We provide support to either aligning your IT organization with regulatory requirements, maintaining adequate key controls over critical processes, or simply when required for the purpose of due diligence in corporate transaction. We may also recommend the most practical strategies for your IT organization to close any gaps with minimum impact to your agility.

IT Governance Solutions

We help design and implement a good corporate governance onto your IT organization through improvement of policies, capabilities, and controls. We believe that achieving a suitable level of governance is more important than blindly pursuing a complete alignment to best  practice standards.

Business Continuity Planning

Apart from being prescribed by regulators, businesses with proper level of continuity planning will demonstrate its responsiveness and coordination to recover from a major operational disruptions. TRS may partner with organizations to build resilience and enhance the recovery speed from disruptions.

Performance Analytics

Organizations with clear direction and targets tend to perform better than peers. However excessive number of measures tend to blur the focus of the people. TRS may help business decompose measures to ensure performance is focused on critical targets. We may also assist in architecting and automating the collection and reporting process to ensure organizations stay focused on critical measures.

Data Forensics & Analysis

Business invests in resources for collecting data in substantial size every day. We are here to ensure you extract values from your data, be it for internal investigation or business development purposes.

IT PMO & Values Study

Your resources are constrained and given the typically significant size of investments in technology, you would benefit from our support in justifying, prioritizing, and managing the realization of your technology investments.